May 13, 2019

The Cataract Gorge Launceston

Known locally as just “The Gorge”, the Cataract Gorge is a natural phenomenon well worth a visit in Launceston. There’s no need to travel far, as the Gorge is only 15 minutes from town. You can even walk along the Tamar River, and up a path originally built in the 1890s to take the scenic route to the Cataract Gorge Reserve.

On the South side, you can go for a swim in a swimming pool surrounded by bushland, at the First Basin. There’s also a cafe here, so you can grab a bite to eat, unless of course you bring your own, ready for a picnic at the Gorge.

The Northern side of the Gorge is quite a different sight, with a Victorian garden of exotic plants and ferns decorating a lovely area to explore and relax.


The locals here can get a little wild particularly at dusk - not the humans, of course, but wallabies and peacocks! Keep your eyes peeled for these mischievous locals ready to join your evening picnic.

The most fun to be had at the Cataract Gorge is surely on the chairlift. Here you can sit comfortably on a chairlift that takes you across the basin, giving your gorgeous sights of the South Esk River. The chairlift covers over 450 meters and moves at a relaxed pace so you have plenty of opportunity to take photos of this ancient rock gorge. To travel across and back on the chairlift costs $15 for adults and $10 for children, and concession rates are also available. The chairlift is open every day of the year!

Even if you aren't so sure of heights, the Cataract Gorge is a great place to spend the day in Launceston. Have a picnic or a bite to eat at the cafe, take a swim and enjoy the native and exotic wildlife.