May 29, 2019

Discover the Tamar Island Wetlands

The Tamar Island Wetlands are an urban wetlands reserve only a 10 minute drive from Launceston.

This reserve offers a unique opportunity to discover a small ecosystem that is brimming with life and stories.

There is an interpretation centre, packed with information accessible to the whole family. This area has a long history, dating back to well before Europeans first spotted the island in 1804. It has since become and important site for environmental conservation. Walk 500meters from the interpretation centre and you can take a break in the seating area provided to watch the wetland birds on the lagoon.

Bird watchers will delight at the range of birds on show. There are more than 60 species of birds identified on the reserve, including ducks, swans, cormorants and more. It is also the site of occasional visits from the white-bellied sea eagle.


As much as it's nice to relax and bird watch, there's more to the Tamar Island Wetlands than that. There are activities for the whole family, including volunteer talks about the wetlands ecology, and a Discovery Ranger program operating daily over the summer.

The Tamar Island Wetlands are a fascinating reserve. They are an important habitat for plant life as well as incredible animal life from birds, to dragonflies and even frogs.

There are some threats to the area, including urban development and the pest fish Gambusia. These threats alter the habitat of this ecosystem drastically and have many more potentials for threat to the area, making the protection of this conservation area even more important. The green and gold frog, which can be spotted in the wetlands, is one threatened animal that the reserve hopes to protect. The green and gold frog was once common in the Tamar area, but has declined since the 1970s. However, the wetlands provide a breeding site for these frogs, which can often be spotted alongside the board walk.

Unlike many reserves, The Tamar Island Wetlands are accessible for wheelchairs. There are boardwalks to make it easy to explore the wetlands and discover the magic of this little ecosystem.